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Tumbler Carribbean Pink


The Caribbean is a vibrant mix of pattern and colour. Tall Tumbler Caribbean Pink is styled in the luxury and beauty of the Caribbean. Glass tumbler modelled by skilful craftsmen is a durable centrepiece for impressing guests. With a glamorous lasting design, this whiskey glass earns a thoughtful masterpiece when gifted for Father's Day celebrations.
For a beautiful Bohemian themed decor or Bohemian wedding setting, use this colourful piece with a subtle engraved textured pattern to make an eye-catching statement. Tall Tumbler Caribbean Pink features a flat-bottom, weighted at the bottom so it can right itself when almost toppled. The tumbler is an all-purpose tumbler. It is apposite for iced beverage, cocktail drinks, juice and water. Most drinks are convivial, best enjoyed in company. This beautiful piece is an excellent choice for groomsmen who love to tipple. Wrapped with love and a personalized message, gift this colourful glass during anniversaries and other special occasions.

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