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Salt Scrub + Bath Soak - Himalayan + Lavender


Free yourself from those day-to-day stresses, with the goddess of calm. Shes the calm after the storm - helping you relax, unwind and improve sleep after a legendary day at battle. The combination of Himalayan and Sea Salt helps to gently rejuvenate and cleanse your skin, drawing out toxins and stimulating circulation whilst restoring hydration to maintain that God/Goddess like glow.

Lavender, this secret weapon provides the calming ability to reduce stress and tension whilst aiding to improve sleep and anxiety, helping to detoxify the mind. Can be used as a scrub and a bath soak!


Himalayan Rock Salt
A Himalayan heroine carries over 80 trace minerals, plus a unique ionic energy that is released when mixed with water. It helps draw out toxins and deep cleanses the skin leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.

Sea Salt
Rich in magnesium and calcium this unlikely hero improves hydration, strengthening the barrier function of the skin, helping remove dead skin cells. Smooths rough skin, increasing circulation reducing fluid retention.

Lavender Oil
The ability to reduce stress and tension is only the start of what this calming empress can do. Aids in Improving sleep and anxiety helping to detoxify the mind.

Grapeseed Oil
An antioxidant superhero for fighting off free radicals, aids in cell repair and healing of the skin through it's high levels of Linoleic acid and vitamin E.

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