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Brumby Sunstate

This Book Was a Tree


At no time in human history have we been more disconnected with what lies outside our front doors. Within just a century, our relationship with our surroundings has transformed from one of exploration to one of disassociation. In THIS BOOK WAS A TREE, science teacher Marcie Cuff issues a call for a new era of pioneers - strong-minded, clever, crafty, mud pie-making, cartle-building individuals committed to examining the natural world and deciphering nature's perplexing puzzles. Within each chapter, readers will discover a principle for reconnecting with the natural world around them, from learning to be still to discovering the importance of giving back. With a mix of science and hands-on crafts and activities, readers will be encouraged to brainstorm, imagine and understand the world as inventive scientists - to touch, collect, document, sketch, decode, analyse, experiment, unravel, interpret, compare and reflect.

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