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Trinket Plate Hamsa Hand


Showcase ancient symbolism in a practical package with the Hamsa Hand Trinket Plate from Amalfi.

  • Crafted from mango wood, which is categorised as hardwood because of its strength, for organic durability
  • Mango wood is a sustainable, natural resource, being harvested from mature trees that have completed their fruit-bearing life to avoid waste
  • Natural, woodwork beauty showcases brown tones and a distressed finish for folksy, old-time appeal
  • Hamsa Hand design, which is an ancient, spiritual symbol for the Hand of God, meant to protect and invite happiness, luck, health, and good fortune — makes for a grounding token in your personal space
  • For catching trinkets and other small, everyday objects such as rings and other jewellery, rubber bands, and paper clips for charming organisation

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