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Magnifying Glass Gold & Timber


Lavida - Quilted Throw Whisper - Available in Cavania West Perth, Geraldton & online

  • Material: Metal, Glass
  • Have you not struggled with wanting to read those tiny little words printed in the impossibly small print. Or wanted to look for that lots earring that is super tiny and completely out of sight somewhere in the deep fur rug. Well Sherlock, pick up that magnifying glass and get to work. Making sighting of small objects and reading much easier-here is a perfect table top accessory for those who like to read the fine print.
  • Give your table top an accessory especially if you have lately been challenged by small prints or find it difficult to look at smaller objects-or are find of looking at details of designs and patterns. This magnifying glass has been created for holding comfort easy to balance despite its 17.5 cm length and 9 cm diameter, its pretty appearance adds to its charm. the case in which it comes sitting in, gives it a lovely accessible feature. The case is made from faux leather that creates wonderful finish for the product. The rim of the lens is in gold which contrasts with the deep wine colour of the stem. Its lightweight yet sturdy enough and compact enough to eb carried in purses and bags so as to eb sued if you happen to be going to a store and have to read labels and the likes.

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