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Lantern Ankara Large


Fashion oriented customers with a desire to always stay updated on the latest trend of decorative ornaments would appreciate this Lantern Ankara Large with a spectacular look of antique. Though made of metal, it is shaped with such clever craftsmanship such that it looks like a gold coloured basket due to its extensive design. It is a large lantern that measures 18.5 centimetres in height.
The Lantern Ankara Large is a large sized lantern perfect for lighting and decorative purposes. As a chic source of illumination, it comes in a large size with glass insert into which candles can be placed and lit. Depending on the size of the inserted candle, the glow from the lit candle illuminates and shines through the perforated space in the lantern. As a decorative item, it has a classic antique look with its basket-like shapeliness and ornate elaborate designs which is then lacquered in gold colour. For safety, convenience and ease of handling, it has a perfect sized ergonomic handle equally made of metal.

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