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Hurricane Leaf Large


With as much as 16 pieces of this large sized candle holders contained in every carton you buy today at such great price, you would make a decent profit when you stock several cartons of this candle holder. It is a candle holder that is 100% made using long serving leaf shaped metals to form a pyramid shape. It also comes with a highly luminescent glass insert which would ensure that hot wax do not drip out onto surfaces on which it is placed.
The Hurricane Leaf Large is indeed a large sized candle holder shrewdly crafted in a dimension which measures 17 centimetres in length, 16 centimetres in height, and 17 centimetres in length. Through the ingenious crafting of top quality metal materials in the shape and form of a leaf, it is given a leaf motif due to its leafy patterns. It is this same unique leafy pattern and its alluring gold palette that gives it an exceptional decorative outlook.

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