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Hook Leaf - White


LaVida - Hook Leaf - White - Available in Cavania West Perth, Geraldton & online


Hook Leaf has an aesthetic advantage, a fusion of cultural beauty and sophistication. Its pattern, gold plated colour, and texture adds tropical bliss into one's walls. This gold hook is an excellent accessory for a tropical-themed interior. This product has a metal frame with a rustic finish suitable for indoor use and out. Hook Leaf is perfect for Nature-loving clients, and the metal ornament transports one's residence closer to Nature.
Imagine a day of heavy downfall. One's the most concern not is where to hang those wet clothes. Homes with Hook Leaf installed on their porch or mudroom can use this accessory to hang damp clothes. This hook is a stylish approach to keeping one's clothing organized. With this hook in the washroom, extra towel, sponge bags and robe can be attached. Hook Leaf is effortless to install and handy to eliminate messy and untidy room. Its metal material has a gold coat for a glossy finish, which is a subtle approach to halt rust action.

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