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Doorstop Rabbit White


Bunny here means business-sits and hold even the heaviest most stubborn of doors and while at work, makes a chic impression in rustic vintage way. crafted from metal, minimal in features yet sturdy enough to do the job. Doorstops such a s this are practical, easy to use and makes for an adorable display as well.
Sprightly, sturdy and alert-do not mistake this bunny to be merely that furry ball of cuteness you are used to associating it with. Bunny here means business when it comes to door discipline. Made from metal and given this delightful mix of sensible easy to use design-it simply fits under the door-covering the crack between the lower edge of the door and the floor. 19 cm long and about 7 cm in width, it has adequate weight to keep even the heaviest of doors held as far wide as you wish to have it open only a sliver to let in fresh air. Metal body, sturdy, reliability will make it your everyday use doorstop owing to its simple fuss free design.

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