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Davis & Waddell

Cover Set Reusable Reverse 3pce


Davis and Waddell - Cover Set Reusable Reverse 3pce - available at Cavania West Perth, Geraldton & online

Keep leftovers and fresh food covered in their serving bowls with the 3-Piece Reusable Reversible Fabric Bowl Cover Set from Davis & Waddell.

  • Made from cotton for a breathable cover
  • Rubber elastic edges make for a secure fit around every bowl
  • Use it again and again without the hassle of throwing it out away
  • Replaces disposable cling wrap for an ecofriendly option
  • Wide variety of uses - from the fridge to the BBQ party
  • Minimise food from drying out whilst in the fridge
  • Keep flies and insects away from food outside
  • Stretch to fit over bowls, containers, and plates
  • Stretch to fit over bowls/containers/plates.

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