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Coffee Scrub - Latte


Luxurious, Smooth And Creamy Scrub made with freshly ground coffee beans and coconut milk to energise your skin. Infused with Australian grown olive oil, bursting with antioxidants and vitamin E. This coffee scrub is made with course grounds; that act as an incredible exfoliator for the skin. The granules remove dirt and dead skin from your body. This allows your skin to absorb the moisture and nutrients more effectively, which creates healthy and smooth skin.


  • Hand-made, small batch, sensitive production has less eco-impact
  • Very small carbon footprint as the key ingredient of extra virgin olive oil is produced on site
  • 100% natural product containing NO petrochemicals, synthetic substances or artificial fragrances and colours
  • Super luxurious
  • Moisturizing, and soothing with ingredients containing healing properties
  • Coffee is well known to helping with premature ageing, anti-inflammatory properties, improves circulation, targets acne scarring, contains anti-cellulite agents, helps varicose veins, reduces puffiness around your eyes
  • 200g
  • Latte flavour 

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