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Candle Drift Sand


Lavida - Candle Drift Sand - Available in Cavania West Perth, Geraldton & online

Dotting your spaces with subtle illumination brings a gentle kind of focus to things that make your décor as beautiful as can be and here is one such option in the form of a votive that is in gorgeous smokey sand that once lit from the inside will show off its pattern and make such a great impression with its delightful look. Place this on the corner table-or the dining table when the occasion demands a lovely ambient kind of lighting and let your spaces revel in its muted kind of lighting.

product features:

height of 7.5 cm and just about the same diameter-it will easily hold a tiny little candle or a tealight and impress you with its superb versatility in combining with lamps and lanterns to create this gorgeous ambient kind of glow. 

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