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Candle Diamond Sand


Lavida - Candle Diamond Sand - Available in Cavania West Perth, Geraldton & online
Give your spaces the advantage of lighting that is soft and diffused-the kind where the flame flickers disclosing and yet holding on to many a secret-where the balmy warmth f the light will make things feel soft, and relaxing. Give your spaces this lovely ambient feel that can easily be built in with the right kind of lighting option.

Place in it a tiny tealight or short candle and let it fill your space with the warmth of a soft and embracing kind of illumination that helps build a relaxing kind of mood. The almost neutral colour of the glass and the fact that it is heat resistant gives it an added edge, can be cleaned easily as the mouth of this 9 cm wide votive is wide enough for you to clear and waxy debris or to replace a candle.

Use it in clusters for more drama or simply place them in singles in wider area for a more dispersed kind of lighting. While the base of the votive is slightly smaller-the exterior of the glass piece is covered in shimmery kind of opaque colour which makes it glow when lit from within.

Delightfully simple addition which is bound to impact your space most dramatically.

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