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Candle Bolla Ocean


Lavida - Candle Bolla Ocean - Available in Cavania West Perth, Geraldton & online
The mid-eastern magic of the design of this Bolla Ocean candle cannot be missed and it displays the best in oriental flavour with a lovely option for lighting enhancement in the evening especially when the mood needs to be cozy and romantic. A beautiful addition to any table, this candle stands at 7cm high with a diameter of 11.5cm and will bring a whole new effect and feeling in the way the home will look.
Whether for its quaint Mideastern charm that will set the look of any interior to a different level or simply for the twinkling little dots of light with shadows that it will add to the decor, there can be so many reasons to love this little lighting accent. You can even add a tea light or a tiny steeple candle after the inside candle has burned down to reuse its lovely diamond patterned container again and again.

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