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Candle Bauble Gold


Lavida - Candle Bauble Gold - Available in Cavania West Perth, Geraldton & online
The Candle Bauble Gold is added to our category of Wholesale Christmas Items because of its Christmas blending golden palette. However, its decorative use is not limited to Christmas festive decoration alone, but can also be used in decorating other special occasions such as New Year celebrations, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, dinner parties, and even daily decorative uses.
With a metallic rim that is finely decorated, a glassy body that is round like a Christmas bauble, a flat base perfect for comfortable placement on any flat surface, and premium quality wax and wick contained in it, the Candle Bauble Gold has an ageless decorative appeal that your customers are sure to love. When used in any room or décor, it would emit such golden glow that is simply impossible not to appreciate. This is because the highly translucent glass is thinly coated in golden colour for that captivating golden glow.
Customers need not bother looking for wax, contained in it already is premium quality refined wax for the perfect ornamental illumination.

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