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Olieve & Olie

Body Butter 100ml - Lavender, Rose Geranium


Lavender & Rose Geranium body butter from Olieve & Olie.

Super rich, vitamin-laden Olieve body butter has an exquisite creamy feel. It contains natural oils easily absorbed by the skin. With lavender and rose geranium. 100ml.

  • Hand-made, small batch, sensitive production has less eco-impact.
  • Very small carbon footprint as the key ingredient of extra virgin olive oil is produced on site.
  • 100% natural product containing NO petrochemicals, synthetic substances or artificial fragrances and colours.
  • Made with the finest cold pressed oils, essential oils, blended with floral waters, cocoa butter & organic beeswax. Super luxuriousness.
  • Moisturizing, and soothing with ingredients containing healing properties.
  • 100ml

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